musical interlude…

Here’s the thing: I am a sappy, sappy woman. A sappy woman with high musical standards, mind you, but when I hear a song that pierces my heart, it’s all I can do to keep from tearing up. Even then, I’m not entirely successful (such as now – while at work).

So when this song was first sent to me via a now-defunct “Song of the Day” listserv which I used to belong to, I turned into a weeping pile of goo. It was through the listserv that I “discovered” Jason Robert Brown, a Tony-award winning composer who is the only living composer that comes closest to Stephen Sondheim, in my estimation.

(The only other contemporary musical theater composer who came close was Jonathan Larson, who died far too young just as RENT was starting its first off-Broadway performances. I can only imagine what brilliance he would have had before him.)

As Sondheim is the closest thing to a musical god in my book, it’s not a title I give lightly. But I think it’s one that JRB can hold with no effort – he’s that good.

“Someone To Fall Back On” from Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes by Jason Robert Brown | Lyrics | Purchase

BTW, this goes out to my honey.


  1. Thanks so much, CE! I’m so glad you like the song! As of next week, you’ll actually be able to hear it in a big-time movie: Aly Michalka sings it in “Bandslam.” I haven’t seen it, so I can’t comment on whether it’s any good, but it’s cool anyway!



  2. Thanks for the comment, Jason! I must say, I find it extremely cool that you did so. Bandslam doesn’t quite sound like my cuppa tea, but I will keep my eyes open for it – thanks for the heads up!


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