tin, aluminium or diamond?

Today is sort of an auspicious day. It marks the tenth anniversary of my writing presence on the internet.


I started out with an online journal, eons (relatively speaking) before blogs came on the scene, thanks to my inadvertent introduction to online journals by a man I don’t really know, but whose writing I’ve always enjoyed: John Scalzi. When reading my very first journal entry, I see how much of my voice has stayed the same and how much of it has changed. I believe that keeping my journal and various blogs over last decade has improved my writing immeasurably. I still have a long way to go, of course, but seeing my progress pleases me quite a bit.

Not only has my style of writing changed, but the things I tend to write about has as well. I used to write more about my family, but after we flew apart in 2002, I was less inclined to do so. After a long break between my old journal and my newer blog (the entries of which have been moved to this domain), my writing interest seemed to focus mainly on a dear friend of mine for whom I had fallen hard. It was during my years writing on Blogger that I became involved in political activism. It’s interesting to see how that evolved and how important that became to me.

Now? Now I seem to write less original content. The current incarnation of my blog is – for the time being anyway – less about my life and more along the lines of what blogs originally were: a weblog about things around the internet that I find interesting, with personal commentary from me.

Most likely that’s because I’m just not as into writing as I used to be. I go through phases like this – I’ll write up a storm for a while, then seem to burn out for a longer period. That tends to happen when I cut back on my non-internet reading, i.e. book reading.

The good news is that I’ve gotten back into book reading with a vengeance over the last few weeks. I’ve started my third book in a week and a half. Hopefully that renewed interest will be reflected in my online writing. *crosses fingers*

Still, ten years? Wow.

I oughta go get myself an anniversary present.


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