trollopy goodness has ended…

…but the memories will live on.

There is much to tell of one and one half days of UCF trollopy goodness: leaving a raining Los Angeles on Friday and arriving 2 1/2 hours later via Greyhound bus in sunny Downtown San Diego (an area I’m very familiar with, thanks to Democratic and journaling conventions); standing on a nearby street corner with rolling suitcase in one hand and cell phone in the other as I tried to help an SUV of not-yet-drunken trollops find me; being flagged down by passengers of said SUV, who then flashed a “Drunken Trollops” sign as I approached the now-parked vehicle (much to the amusement of several passers-by), with all the attendant hugging and squeeing and loading of luggage.

Then to the illustrious Taco Chop to pick up lunch and on to the Mechanicky Home for drinks and lunch and copious amounts of junk food. Loot was given, gardens were toured, avocados were “stolen” from a next-door neighbor – in full view of neighbor, who was heartily amused by the tree-climbing antics of the more athletic of the group (Anne and Mechanicky Gal) and the attempts of Janiece and myself to catch the dropped avocados without putting down our drinks.

More talking and drinking and laughing commenced, to be followed by dinner as we were accompanied by the awesome Mechanicky Guy to another yummy Mexican restaurant (veggie fajitas and sweet alcoholic coffee drinks FTW!) and then more drinking and snacking and laughing and talking back at the homestead. Some texting was done, but discretion dictates that I not reveal whether the participants were sober or inebriated. Ahem. We turned in rather early, as folks were tired from traveling.

Saturday dawned with the Trollops more or less intact and up at a relatively decent hour. In honor of Eric, for breakfast I decided to have the Crunchberries – how can the berries not be real fruit? I was (and am) stunned.

After coffee and coffee cake, we thought it best to present our best selves to the world by showering. How were we to know what an adventure that would prove as we confronted a water-loving insect the size of a Volvo? Or that said Volvo insect would send two Navy vets, an architect with experience on construction sites and a born and bred Navy brat who has survived the trenches of political theater running and squealing like a bunch of five year old girls? Mechanicky Gal ended up dispatching the beast (with my shoe) and Anne removed his remains from the scene of the crime and we continued with our separate ablutions.

The Trollops descended upon a spa, with lovely results, then enjoyed Indian and Middle Eastern food at a nearby food court, followed by swinging by Cost Plus for getting of good deals (whereupon Janiece handed me the most awesome Pez dispensers ever – I had almost gotten them at a White Elephant Holiday party in December and had them snatched away, so you can imagine my delight) and headed back for more drinking and snacking and TWDP (texting while drinking port). Anne wowed us with her homemade baked brie and strawberry tarts, Mechanicky Gal complemented the Devon clotted cream I’d gotten at Cost Plus with freshly baked cranberry walnut scones and I narrowly avoided eating so much that I needed to be rolled out the door. More photos were taken, then, alas, I had to be on my way to catch my bus back home.

After a slight detour in the direction of the airport (uh, yeah, we meant to do that – look at all the pretty boats!), I was dropped off as close to the Greyhound station as downtown parking permitted (which was actually pretty close), with hugging and promises of doing this again, though maybe closer to the center or East Coast of the United States (though I insisted that if they were back on the West Coast, they all needed to head up to L.A. for a day). And off I went, to be carried into the night to my home city and picked up by my dear CuteFilmNerd, ending the night in his arms.


Ya know, I’ve been bouncing around these interwebs for over a decade now. I’ve met some terrific people from all over the world thanks to the internet, including my dear friend Linda and, of course, CuteFilmNerd. I can’t say that I’ve ever had a truly bad experience in my dealings with people met via the intertubes. This past weekend was no exception. While I didn’t expect otherwise, Anne and Janiece are exactly who they seem to be when reading words on a screen: fun, intelligent, hawt – strong women with definite opinions and soft hearts. Mechanicky Gal is also made of the same stuff, in addition to being the hostess with the mostest – gracious as all get out.

Seriously, ladies, thanks for such a fun time. I can’t wait to do this again.

(Though maybe leave out the drunken waterfront bar brawls next time? I don’t think I’ve recovered yet…)

(Also, there was knitting. Mechanicky Gal’s knitting looked too difficult, but Janiece’s looked doable. I may have to give that a shot.)


  1. well, your weekend was a lot more fun than mine. But then again, very few weekends could compete with it πŸ™‚

    Glad (but unsurprised) you had such a good weekend.


  2. Vince, I’m sorry I missed the show. 😦 I’ll aim for this Sunday. I’m sorry that your weekend wasn’t more fun than it was – maybe next weekend?

    Neurondoc, absolutely! Especially if no stinky tofu is involved. I mean, I like tofu – just not of the stinky variety. And Woot! to BikingBrother for his current endeavor!

    Janiece and Anne, the feeling is very much mutual. I will make sure that I have stomping grounds to show you. πŸ˜‰ I forget though – how do I bend my pinky fingers for the handshake? I’m not good at following others’ choreography.

    Eric, yes. And it was goooooood!


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