why marriage equality matters…

Many years ago, when I started exploring these here interwebs, I briefly participated in an online news group known as alt.society.generation-x. I enjoyed my time there, but drifted off elsewhere as I discovered other things.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the old place, though. My first boyfriend was a regular there, which is how I found the place and participated in the disguise of Francaise (prior to Google there were DejaNews and AltaVista and searching for Names From The Past was already a common past-time – that boyfriend and I are on friendly terms now). It’s where I discovered John Scalzi, whom I credit as being my inadvertent blog daddy. And there were many people who were amongst the sharpest people it had ever been my pleasure to read. It’s where I learned the importance of backing up your assertions with verifiable proof and that snarky humor could be an art form in and of itself.

Two of the participants of alt.society.generation-x were Peter Dubuque and Steve Kleinedler, a lovely couple whom I could never really say that I knew – due to my own shyness – but whose newsgroup postings were always amongst the best I’ve ever read. Like everything and everyone else about alt.society.generation-x, I remembered them fondly and was surprised when John Scalzi announced that Peter had passed away unexpectedly. I was in shock, as were many people who knew him, however tangentially.

Today in AMERICAblog, Peter’s husband Steve talks about how important it is that he and Peter had been married in Massachusetts for the last four-and-a-half years and how it’s made an difference in this difficult time.

Go over there – it’s important reading.

(H/T to John Scalzi.)

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