even my drinks are geeky…

I offer you photographic evidence:

From just an ordinary goddess..

I may need help.

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  1. Well, if you happen to have access to any extra of geeky items such as displayed in your photo, I offer hereby to help you in the disposal of said items, complete with monetary remuneration.

    In truth, geeky you are. But truly, you don’t need help for that, as ’tis one of the things that make you the hot godess you are.


  2. Vince, I do have access to the JPL water bottle, but not the Geek coffee mug – CuteFilmNerd won that for me thanks to his big movie brain. I’ll email you with particulars.

    (BTW, thanks! *blush*)

    Jeri, that wallpaper actually came with the computer. I liked it so much I never changed it.


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