is it genetic? or vocal reincarnation?

I’m listening to a compilation CD by redwhite+bluezz, a jazz club in Pasadena that I’ve not yet been to, but would love to visit, especially since the rather talented brother of a co-worker is an artist in residence.

The one thing that leapt out at me? James Tormé sounds so much like his father, Mel Tormé, aka The Velvet Fog, it makes me wonder if vocal reincarnation is possible.

Mind you, James has definitely got his own voice. More on the tenor side, not quite as full sounding, with a definite contemporary edge, but man, oh man, I hear his father’s influence all over his voice, and not just because both have an affinity for scat singing.

(BTW, if you’ve never heard of Mel Tormé, or you know him only from his guest appearances on Night Court in the 80s or as the co-writer of The Christmas Song, familiarize yourself with his other music tout de suite, especially if you like jazz.)

Most excellent.


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