good music…

Last night CuteFilmNerd and I went to see these guys…

…and it was great.

I’ve been a fan of Sligo Rags since I reviewed their second CD (The Night Before the Morning After) when I worked for the Irish newspaper back in 2006. Later that year they played a fundraiser for Marcy Winograd, the Congressional candidate I worked for a few months later, which was the first time I’d ever seen them live. They were just as fantastic as their CD, as was the case about a year later when I saw them perform at the John Anson Ford Ampetheater.

It was a most enjoyable evening. They even sang my favorite song from The Night Before the Morning After – “An Ordinary Man” – at my request. Though they were able to fill the ampetheater with their sound back in 2007, initmate settings are what they do best.

Good music, good drinks, good company. What could be a better evening?

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