the deed is done…

…I have “killed” my “lover.”

In other words, I filmed the TV show on Friday and it was great! The show is Dominick Dunne: Power, Privilege and Justice on truTV. I’m the main criminal in the bit, with two drugged out accomplices. The case that I filmed is based on this case (in fact, my character is the woman in the photo and the man in the photo is the person she murdered). I was in nearly every scene and, in the scene where there’s a struggle between me, the victim and the two accomplices, I sustained a huge bruise on my left knee where my leg kept hitting the side of the bed during the multiple takes. In addition, I got to take a bunch of S & M gear and spread it out over the crime scene, to make the murder look like an S & M scene gone horribly awry. As I told one of the crew members when he showed me the gear, “This’ll make my mama proud.”

We filmed in a gorgeous old house in Long Beach that I just wanted to take home with me. And everyone was a joy to work with. No one got in my eye line, so I didn’t have to curse them out. Very professional crew. And the director was a lovely Frenchman who never lost his cool, even when I almost accidentally killed a cameraman when I sat behind the wheel of car at the end of the long shoot.

I don’t know yet when it’ll be on TV. From what I can gather, I’m fairly sure the title of my episode is “Strange Bed Fellows” and it looks like the episodes for 2009 won’t start airing until October, which is a hell of a long wait. Still, I certainly wouldn’t mind doing this again!

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  1. Oooh, oooh! Even awesomer! By all means, keep us apprised of the air date. I’ll be sure to let MY mom know about it because, as you know, I live to scandalize the poor woman.


  2. I’m like, so lamely late to this, but that’s a show I watch regularly, so whenever it’s on, I’m gonna make sure I have freinds here watching with me so I can go “see her?! I know her! I’m famous by proxy!”


  3. bstewart, as soon as I know the air date I’ll let you know. I would love to help you scandalize your mother!

    Vince, don’t worry about being late to the party – that’s my modus operandi!


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