Today? Is turning out to be a great day.

First, my federal tax refund showed up in my bank account. Badly needed funds in the nick of time are always welcome.

Second, Central Casting (yes, it really exists) called me from out of the blue, saying they had submitted my photo to a non-union TV show that is filming on my Friday off (which I get every other Friday) and the folks at the show decided I was the one for them (it’s a re-enactment show, so memorizing dialogue isn’t necessary). Of course I accepted, because I’m no dummy.

I’ve worked with Central Casting before – as an extra back in 2001 – and I loved it, working on Judging Amy a couple of times, as well as ER, NYPD Blue (where I almost ran over Dennis Franz with my car on the set – driving like a true New Yorker), Thieves, Spin City and a few others.  When I started getting every other Friday off last year, I signed up again, because I thought it would be a fun thing to do.  I never got around to actually calling Central, because my Fridays off turned out to be filled with doing things I couldn’t otherwise get done during the work week.  Which is today’s call was such a pleasant surprise. Plus they’re going to pay me above the going rate for an extra.

I’ll have to dye my hair back to its previous reddish color (on Valentine’s Day I dyed it a dark brown – whoops!), but I have photos of me with that color (dating a photographer comes in handy!), so I should have no trouble matching it.

Yeah, I’d say today that I’m a happy girl.


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  1. This is one of the coolest things I’ve read in my blog corner today, Carol. Do you know of any specific scenes you appear in in all of those shows, where we can see you?


  2. Thank you, Matt and Ilya! I’m totally excited!

    Ilya, I don’t have any details yet. Truth is, I probably won’t know what I’m doing until I show up on set on Friday. Since I’m not getting even location details until tomorrow (I just know it’s in Long Beach), I don’t think I’ll have any dialogue at all and most likely will just end up as a body on a floor, with perhaps some struggle prior to my “death.” Once it’s filmed, though, I’ll report back so that y’all know where to find me!


  3. I’d LOVE to be a dead body on the floor! Jellus!

    I just submitted my tax return last night. Usually the refund takes 2-3 weeks to process, so for that, too, I am jellus. But happy for you, of course! Woooo!


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