audience participation…

I find myself with a dilemma.  I’m actually in the mood to update this here blog, but am utterly without an idea about which to write.  And I’m not in a meme kind of mood – something creative is what is yanking at my writing chain, but it runs away and hides in a fog covered ditch before I can wring out anything worthwhile.  (Or anything at all. Also, I’m feeling a little lazy.)

And so I turn to you, my wonderful readers.  Is there anything you’d like to see on these humble pages?  Submit your ideas (safe for work only, please, as I’m writing this while at work) and by 5pm PST I will write about the idea that tickles my fancy the most.  Or I may incorporate several ideas in one scary, scary entry.  Or I may be inspired by something mentioned, but take it off on some Fellini-esque tangent.  No one really knows!


  1. Character sketches/strange things you see on the bus
    Some of the very coolest stuff you’ve gotten to touch/be peripherally involved in at work (if you can discuss them)
    A transformative experience in your life


  2. You know, this is proving harder than I thought it would. Which means my writing muscle is seriously out of shape, because a few years ago this would’ve been a snap. *sigh*

    Since I have a loooong bus ride ahead of me tonight (and I have to leave work in 45 minutes, which will be filled with actual work), I’ll print out the suggestions and write during my commute. I used to do that all the time, too.

    I really need to force myself to write more so this won’t be so tough!


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