a little self-pimping…

My word, but it’s been arid ’round these parts.  Lots of things happening over the last month: CuteFilmNerd and I had some things stolen out of his car just before the new year, including his beloved laptop and iPod; my laptop has taken a nosedive and is down for the count (I was lucky enough be able to get some files off it before I send it to the iBook graveyard); a text-pissing match between my devout Christian sister and me about something she misinterpreted over the Christmas holiday; something about a war criminal leaving the White House and a brilliant lawyer taking over his job, which fills me with all sorts of glee.

But what has gotten me off my metaphorical ass to finally update this site?  A little self-pimping.

Based on a comment I left on The Critical Condition, I was invited to submit a guest movie review, which is up today. Yay!

I’ll have to remember to stop by here more often. Maybe even post once in a while. And to update that damned sidebar, because it is looking seriously sad.

Hope y’all are having a great 2009 thus far!


  1. Yeah, Dave, the suckage of CFN’s stolen laptop is still coloring everything. Luckily everything he had on there is reproducible, but it was exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time. Thanks for the kind words about the layout!


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