they’ve found us out…

xkcd has discovered the awful truth of CuteFilmNerd and myself:

We do have obnoxiously cute nicknames for each other, even though I’m not much of a nickname person. He started it! Though, oddly enough, I don’t mind all that much.

However, I don’t think there would be any blood on the body of anyone unfortunate enough to overhear us. Because they’d die from a diabetic coma first. Which would be inconvenient, because body burying? Is damned hard work.

Not that I know from personal experience…


  1. Cute nicknames generally give me a diabetic coma. Especially “baby.” But then, that’s just me. If it makes you two happy, go you.

    Oh, and now you’ve posted it on the Internet. That’s potentially one hell of a lot of bodies to bury.


  2. I have a couple cutsie nicknames for my wife, but she doesn’t really have any for me that she uses with any real frequency. She did try Matty for a while when we were going out, but thankfully that was short lived.


  3. Janiece and Tania – hush! Those were supposed to be secret!

    Vince, that’s usually the case with me. Nicknames have never stuck with me, no matter how hard people tried (and trust me, they tried). For some reason, CuteFilmNerd’s nickname has stuck and it doesn’t bother me. He uses variations on a theme, but it’s all the same theme and I’m finding it rather sweet. And, well, y’all don’t know what the nicknames are – just that we have them. So no bodies to bury. Yet.

    Nathan… *raises eyebrow* I can safely say that our nicknames aren’t that bad. Though they do come close.

    Matt, I guess you’re like me: nickname teflon.


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