international human rights day

Today is International Human Rights Day. If you believe in human and civil rights for ALL people, do what you can to invalidate Prop. 8. Or else talented folks are going to keep making fun of you:

Also today:

It’s an interesting concept, and I see what the organizers are trying to accomplish, but after reading bstewart’s take on Day Without A Gay, I opted to go into work today, because I happen to agree with him. I will still not purchase anything today, and I am researching volunteer work for this weekend (my lack of car is a bit of a detriment for volunteering anywhere in the city in the evenings).  I will also be participating in Light Up the Night for Equality on December 20th.

Also, I’m wearing my white marriage equality bracelet (which I wear nearly every day as it is) and I’ve put together a little poster for work (which is easily seen by anyone who walks by my cubicle):

As you can see, CuteFilmNerd thinks it’s important for people to see my display.  Because we are both ardent believers in equality for ALL humans.


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