i’m not one…

…but I’m glad they are:


more about “i’m not one…“, posted with vodpod

This is both one of the saddest and most hopeful videos I’ve ever seen.

(H/t to bstewart)


  1. Neat video, but terrifying as well. I’m not sure I agree with “better educated”, and I say that as someone that works at a school.

    The baby boomers got to the moon with less technology than I have in one pocket. Perhaps I’m becoming a crotchety old man, but I fear the future. 😦


  2. I understand, Shawn. There are times that I fear the future as well. My ex-boyfriend is a teacher for a public high school in a blue-collar part of town that has its share of teen violence. When we were together he told me tales of “his” kids that were stupefying.

    But today the cynical realist in me has been shut up and is allowing the optimist to peek through. I know that we have the ability to do tremendous things and it heartens me that there are youngsters out there who seem to be passionate about changing the country for the better.

    Tomorrow I may very well be shaking my fist and telling the whippersnappers to get offa my damned (non-existent) lawn.

    But not today.


  3. Wow, that was very well put together – it gave me the chills.

    I’d agree with the skepticism on education – as it relates to primary and secondary school. I would add that the expectation is becoming more prevalent for kids to attend some form of college or vocational school.

    What really shone in the clip, though, was drive and determination in the face of the odds they’re facing.

    Yeah, it was manipulative – both toward the target demographic and those of us who are their support system. Still, it was well done.

    My kids are generation we.


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