she’s not dead, jim…

…just a remarkable simulacrum.  Which would explain all the folks milling around me with stakes and garlic and the like.  I need to point out the fact that, though it may be Halloween week, I am out and about in the daylight.

I’ve actually been percolating all sorts of thoughts in my cranium that would lead to a blog entry or two, but today is not the day for that.  I’m tired and weary and sore after serving as photographer last night for a screening that CuteFilmNerd put together.  I haven’t moved like that in years. Well, at least not in public.

But I’m breaking my blog silence to take advantage of bragging rights I’ve been awarded by the lovely Janiece, Hot Chick Extraordinaire, who has named me winner of the Comment of the Week.

Back later in the week to issue my own words of wisdom re: next week’s election, especially in regards to Proposition 8 in California.

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