disaster narrowly averted…

As a rule, I don’t spend the night at CuteFilmNerd’s place during the week.  Mainly because, in my carless state, getting back to my place in time to take care of kitties, change my clothes (I shower at his place) and catch the bus to work is pretty much a pain in the ass and means I have to wake up way too early.  And the times when CuteFilmNerd has driven me home so that I wouldn’t have to wake up so early and take the bus?  Haven’t worked out well timewise anyway.

(We’re both people who have difficulty getting up in the morning – which means, when together, our morning drag time is double what it would be if we were alone.)

However, last night I ended up at his place.  I foresaw a little bit of a hassle in the morning, but I was in the mood to deal with it (sometimes I’m not).  Turns out it was a good thing that I did stay at his place.

At approximately 1:45am I woke from a sound sleep.  I wasn’t sure why, but recently I’ve been going through one of my insomnia phases, so I thought that might be it.  I started to roll over when I realized the ancient box window fan was sounding funnier than usual and there was a strange burning smell in the air.

My reflexes kicked in and before I really knew what was happening I leapt out of bed and rushed to the fan, which was luckily on my side of the bed.  CuteFilmNerd’s voice drowsily drifted from the bed.  “What’s wrong?”

“Something’s burning!” I replied as I followed the electrical cord to the cool plug (which sparked slightly, but not dangerously) and pulled it from the power strip.

That woke him up quick enough as he too leapt out of bed.  “What’s burning?”

“The fan, but it’s off now.”

Our hearts started to slow down as we realized the building was not in danger of burning down.  I padded off to the bathroom and when I returned CuteFilmNerd was sitting at his desk, looking a little stunned, from what I could see sans glasses.  He thanked me several times as we settled back into bed.

I think what happened was that the motor that turned the blades on the fan broke, but there was still something moving within the motor, so there was friction happening that created the burning smell.  To my sleepy nose, the smell reminded me of ozone, but with a burnt edge to it.  I haven’t looked at the fan since, nor do I think CuteFilmNerd has (he was more or less asleep when I left this morning), but I would be interested in inspecting it, just to see what happened.

Still, it’s a good thing I was there this morning, as CuteFilmNerd tends to sleep more deeply than I do.  It’s also a good thing that I’m going through my insomniac period right now, because if I weren’t, even I might not have awakened in time.



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