schmoopy thoughts…

Last night, as I lie in bed next to CuteFilmNerd, the Large Hadron Collider crossed my mind and I remembered that it was going online today, probably before I woke up. With all the talk of black holes forming and the world ending, I turned over and peered at the peacefully sleeping face of CuteFilmNerd and thought to myself, “Well, I seriously doubt we’re going to be sucked into a black hole, but if we are, this is a pretty good last sight on earth.” Then I snuggled closer and fell asleep.


  1. If you need me, I’ll be a diabetic coma. 🙂

    Just joking you, CE – I’m glad you’re a happy Hot Chick who’s found a Smart Man.

    I vaguely remember feeling that way about my Smart Man. Before we started spending our time ragging on each other in an attempt to see who would shoot milk/water/pop/Mike’s/beer out of our nose next. Last night I won, but usually he wins.

    Ah, love…


  2. Ain’t gonna happen. Besides, the operation they’re going to do today will have everything speeding in one direction. So no collisions. Even with collisions, ain’t gonna destroy the world. No worries.


  3. Janiece, I almost felt the same way writing it. Here’s a syringe of my cat’s insulin – that should help out.

    And someday I hope that CFN and I are at the point where love means making the other person snort liquid out of his/her nose.

    Dave, I’m not worried, actually. I knew they weren’t doing the collisions just yet and that the likelihood of the eventual collisions causing a sucking black hole and/or destroying the world were so infinitesimal as to not really matter. So yeah, no worries.


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