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I know that I haven’t posted much as of late with actual content, and for that I apologize. It’s not so much that I’m so totally heels-over-ass in love with CuteFilmNerd that nothing else matters (though there is a bit of that happening, I must admit – it ain’t perfect, but I’m okay with that, ’cause nothing’s perfect anyway).

It’s just that I’m still more burned out re: politics than I realized, though I’m keeping up on what’s going on and frequently have to stop myself from throwing something at the TV when CNN blathers on and on with “analysis” that is well and truly fucking annoying and not really analytical.

(PS: In January I promised that I would watch less CNN, which wasn’t such a hardship for me, as I didn’t watch it much to begin with. However, in January I wasn’t dating a self-proclaimed info addict who feels bereft if he misses CNN during the course of the day, even though he agrees with me that it’s primarily substance-free. I think the only thing he uses his TV for is watching DVDs and CNN. Oh dear.)

So yeah, I know about Sarah Palin and all that, but, ya know what? She’s a distraction. It’s important to know what she’s all about and to sift through the chaff to get at the wheat, especially since, should McCain be elected, she really would be an aneurysm away from the Big Chair. But I prefer to read up on her from sources that are neither rah-rah nor boo-hiss about her, such as Jim over at Stonekettle Station, a man who actually lives in Alaska and knows a thing or two about Palin as both Mayor of Wasilla and Governor of Alaska. He’s no raving ditto-head, being someone who values critical thinking and independent thought, so I trust his judgment in this regard.

Now personally, I don’t like Palin. She’s way too far right-wing on social issues that I care deeply about. Her apparent utter devotion to an extremely social conservative Christian denomination scares the crap out of me because it seems as if she’ll bring religion into government, which I am steadfastly against (see Carlin quote above). I don’t think she’s ready for the big leagues and I don’t agree that she should be taking on such a profoundly huge responsibility at this time (Down’s-Syndrome baby and pregnant teen and all – and yes, I’d say that if a male VP nominee were dealing with the same issues). It doesn’t help that she looks a hell of a lot like a former co-worker whom I didn’t like all that much. And I’m pissed off that it does seem as if one of the main reasons the McCain campaign chose her was to try to appeal to PUMAs and, they hope, other women. Granted, those women are not only supremely stupid but are betraying everything that Hillary Clinton has stood for to them, but still, for the rest of us with double X chromosomes – that is fucking insulting. Contrary what some may think, my brain cells did not migrate to my breasts once they started to develop at puberty (though that might explain why men stare at them when ostensibly talking to me).

But I have to say, if Palin has actually been a good governor for Alaska? Good on her. She gets credit for that and I will gladly give it. However, I do think she should just continue to be governor.

John Amato and Arianna Huffington are right. We are letting McCain and his campaign distract us with his glittery new VP nominee and we have got to stop. She’s not up for election. He is. We need to stop letting him sit back with that scary smirk as he lets Palin continue to be the shiny nickel that distracts us from his slight-of-hand.

(Tortured metaphor much?)


  1. So fixed, Jim. I’m sorry about that – “Stonekettle” made me think of “kitchen.” Plus I must have been distracted by a shiny nickel. Or belly button lint. It doesn’t take much (which is why a friend calls me “Magpie”).

    And any time, Jim. You write some good stuff over the Station and it is very much appreciated, even if I’m not much of a commenter over there. Yet.


  2. Well, I do occasionally publish recipes, maybe that’s it.

    As to commenting, feel free please. I’ll tell you that I always looked forward to your comments on the Whatever. Still do, though I don’t hang out there much anymore – the tone has changed and I don’t care for it much these days.

    Speaking of comments, your observation in the last paragraph of this post is spot on – slight of hand it is.


  3. I kinda like CNN, although like all the cable networks, they can get very carried away. But I’ve weened myself so that I watch very little now, just to keep my blood pressure down.

    I like to be informed, but not depressed. And what depresses me is how little substance I’m seeing from everyone. We have serious problems – how about some serious proposals that aren’t all sleight-of-hand.



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