six months ago…

…life was took a turn. And what a turn it was.

I was newly single after an eighteen month relationship broke apart. I was still sad, but looking out from under my rock to see what else was out there. In the looking I noticed the online profile of a handsome man whose words betrayed humor, intelligence and a politically lefty slant. So I wrote him a joke related to one of his jokes. I didn’t sign my name, because, though I think I’m rather pretty and quite sexy in my own Rubenesque way, I honestly thought he was out of my league and that I’d never hear back.

He replied that evening, calling me nameless charmer and asking me to drop him a line. So the next day I did. And four days later we met for our first date – a wonderful first date that was followed by a second date the next evening and more dates that week, all equally as wonderful.

That wonderful first date? Was six months ago today.

It’s true that these past six months have been filled with ups and downs here and there. We’ve each been going through our own brands of crap while trying to help each other make it through. But the truth of the matter is that I love CuteFilmNerd with all my heart and am very happy that we’re together and that we’ve made it this far.  And while nothing in life comes with a guarantee, I’m doing my best to make sure that we make it two, three, one hundred times as far.  And I know that he’s doing the same.  Because he loves me too.

Happy Six Month Anniversary, CuteFilmNerd. Thank you for a lovely, fabulous and eventful half-a-year. I love you.


  1. That’s nice, Shawn. Threaten the poor guy so that he runs away in terror.

    Way to keep Carol Elaine’s love life on an even keel, you ‘tard.

    Don’t worry, CFN. We won’t do you bodily harm.



  2. Now, now, CFN has nothing to fear as long as he treats you well. Which he’s obviously doing. Remember, we’uns like it that you is happy, and don’t want no heart-braken’ around here.

    And on a less weird note, congrats to you both. May you both be happy together for a long, long time.


  3. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! Such lovely HAWT and SMART people you all are!

    BTW, CFN doesn’t read my blog unless I point him to an entry (he’s not much of a blog readin’, internet community kinda guy), but I did point him to this one right after I published it. And a few hours later I read to him your comments from my phone’s RSS feed. He appreciates your thought and sentiments!

    Oddly enough, though, he has been sleeping with one eye open since then…


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