Well, that was a fun ride. Working on the 7th floor of a fairly narrow building, so I felt the 5.4 earthquake pretty strongly, though not enough to actually interrupt the work day. CuteFilmNerd felt it in his neck of the woods, closer to mid-Wilshire – first moderately strong earthquake he’s ever felt since moving to L.A. in 2001. And I imagine that Stan‘s office is a bit busy at the moment.

Having experienced the 1994 Northridge earthquake first hand and seen a lot of buildings I was very familiar with damaged or destroyed (my formative high school years were spent in the area and I worked near the Northridge Mall for over seven years, leaving the area less than a year before), this one didn’t seem near as bad, but it certainly served to remind folks that another one is just waiting in the wings.

Ah, the joy that is Southern California…


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