fun photos…

BTW, here are a few fun photos from recent weeks (courtesy of CuteFilmNerd):

Meeting Buzz Aldrin at the Egyptian:

Posing for CuteFilmNerd, who was the official photographer for the event.

Almost looks like we’re having an actual conversation…

Mentioning that I work for JPL reminds Buzz that he has a phone call to make…

Meeting Eddie Deezen at the New Beverly:

No, he is not asking me to smell his finger. He worked with my best friend’s father many moons ago on 1941 and we were briefly chatting about him, with Eddie remembering BestFriendFather fondly. Turns out BestFriendFather remembers Eddie just as fondly.

And walking by George Carlin‘s star a few days after he died:

Damn, now that was sad to hear about.


  1. Janiece, I basically told CuteFilmNerd that, if at all possible, I wanted my photo taken with Buzz Aldrin. And I never say that.

    It was very cool.


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