i humbly apologize…

…for leaving up such diabetic coma inducing photos at the top for so long. I hope no one needed a quick trip to the emergency room over the last few weeks.


My dear friend Polarbeast has a wonderful new site which y’all MUST check out, especially if you’re a diner in the Los Angeles area: Dining in L.A. He’s always been an excellent writer, but his reviews of some of his and his wife’s favorite haunts are truly stellar. As it was his descriptions of area restaurants in his rarely updated blog that helped put us back in contact with one another (he and his wife are old high school friends of mine and he used to work around the corner from me in West Hollywood), I’m especially happy to see the new site. Especially since he’s as fond of a favorite restaurant of CuteFilmNerd and myself as we are: Green Leaves Vegan in Los Feliz.

Check out both the site and the restaurant. You’ll be happy that you did.


A number of entertainment legends have died over the last couple of weeks: Bo Diddley, Dick Martin, Sydney Pollack and Harvey Korman. Each and every one of these deaths make me a little bit sadder than the one before, especially Sydney Pollack and Harvey Korman. But three other legends in the world of science fiction television have also left this earth: Alexander Courage, Bob Justman and Joseph Pevney – all associated with Star Trek, one of the most formative television shows in my life, as well as the lives of many others.

I can safely say that, were it not for the talents of each of these gentlemen, I daresay my life may have turned out rather different. But it was Joseph Pevney’s contributions as director of several of my favorite episodes (“Amok Time,” “City on the Edge of Forever,” “Journey to Babel”) that affected me the most, especially that episode that started it all for a shy thirteen year old girl: “The Trouble with Tribbles.” I initially watched it because William Schallert (aka Nancy Drew’s dad) was in it, but it was the writing, casting and, of course, direction of the episode that kept me coming back for more.

Fare thee well, gentlemen, each and every one of you. You and your talents will all be sorely missed.


  1. I want to do an homage to Harvey, but I lack the courage. He’s a hero to me. I’ll work hard, and come up with something…

    Thanks for the mention! They all deserve so much.


  2. Carol Elaine – I’m not sure if I’m oblivious or egocentric or what – you’d think I could click on a hyperlink! – but I just now realized that you have a blog and that this is it. I’m looking forward to browsing and getting to know a little more about you and life in SoCal. 🙂


  3. CamSavWin, you’re welcome! And I’m sure that whatever homage you do put together will be great.

    Jeri, welcome! I hope you enjoy the blog – just watch out for the emo years (2003-2004) – lots of emotional wading back then.

    Maybe this’ll inspire me to get off my butt and do a little updating ’round these parts.


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