yes! yes!! yes!!!

As a vegetarian, I get lots of odd looks from omnivores, even in Los Angeles. My desire to cut meat from my diet confuses them, makes them wonder when the anti-meat tirades will begin as I attempt to badger and indoctrinate them into my flesh-free ways. And my family? Fuggetaboutit! Raised on the same hearty Midwestern fare as I was, they still – twelve years later – rib me about my choice to stop eating dead animals, sure that I’ll come back ’round. When I fell off the vegan wagon, all of my family and friends breathed a collective not-so-secret sigh of relief. I daresay that CuteFilmNerd has encountered much the same things as me, perhaps even more so, since he was actually raised in the Midwest and became a vegetarian as a pre-teen, whereas, though my parents are from Michigan, I’ve spent over half of my life in Southern California and embraced vegetarianism in my late twenties.

So it warms the cockles of my heart when I read an article that perfectly articulates my feelings as a vegetarian in an omnivore world (except for wearing leather shoes – I refuse to wear or use leather).

Oh, yeah, baby, you do know what Mama likes…


  1. I’ve never understood why people think vegetarians are odd, other than far too many people think anybody that’s not just like them are odd. I’m not a vegetarian, but respect those who have chosen to be one. So here’s one omnivore who says “good for you.”


  2. A friend of mine is a Veggie (the term we use here in the South), and we went out to dinner in the Outer Banks of NC. He did some studying, and found that shrimp have no nervous system, and cannot feel pain. At which point he devoured plate after plate of steamed shrimp, then held his tummy the rest of the night.

    I, an omnivore with Veggie leanings, didn’t think anything of it other than perhaps he shouldn’t have had so much…


  3. CamSavWin, when I first went veggie, I considered making an exception for shrimp, because I loved it so. In the end I decided to go whole hog on the vegetarian thing. Seemed to be more consistent that way.

    That doesn’t mean I’m not happy that CuteFilmNerd introduced me to a vegan restaurant that has a very yummy breaded shrimp substitute.


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