just a quick something…

Kind of not in the writing mood, but definitely in the mood to upload photos (see Picasa widget on first sidebar, or just check out the link.)

And in the photo-uploading spirit, here’s a little something done during my Friday off:

Yep, that’s the inimitable Louise Fletcher that I’m posing with, thanks to CuteFilmNerd. He moderated a DVD commentary that she recorded and said it was cool for me to hang out. So I dressed up all pretty like and sat in the control booth as CuteFilmNerd quizzed her on the movie on the screen and her career. Fun to watch, I have to say. Then he asked her if it would be okay for me to have my photo taken with her, to which she said yes.

We didn’t really have any conversation – not more than introductions – but it was cool nevertheless.



  1. Thank you, Empress Juju! I’ve checked out your blog and found you to be eminently cool as well. Then again, Stan knows all the cool kids…


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