gettin’ back in the groove…

I haven’t written much about politics in a while. Mainly because I was freaking burned out. I did a lot of work for the Edwards campaign and his dropping out – followed soon thereafter by the breakup with HSTeacher and a financial crisis (which I’m still recovering from) – ensured that I just didn’t have the energy or desire to do any real work in the political arena. As it was, the only reason I didn’t bow out of being Tech Chair for SoCal Grassroots was that it was right before the new term started and I didn’t feel right abandoning them without anyone to work on the tech side of things. And the only reason I did work for US Tour of Duty was because I was getting paid to do so, even though I totally believe in what the organization is all about.

Of course, after Edwards dropped out, folks were asking me who I supported: Clinton or Obama. Because, apparently, it’s critical that I support someone before the convention in August. Some of the questioners were surprised by my answer: a pox on both their houses. The nominee will get my vote in November and that’s it.

Yeah, I was freaking bitter. And not in a mental or emotional position to seriously entertain switching my allegiances, even though my main guy was no longer in the race.

I’m feeling less bitter these days and have revised my outlook slightly. I’m still not going to do any work for either of the leading candidates, because I still have serious issues with both of them and neither has convinced me that he/she would be better than the other.


After the nominee is finally chosen, I will work on her/his behalf. I really, REALLY don’t want McCain to get into office and will do whatever I can to keep that from happening. And not just because he’s the Republican nominee. I’ve never trusted him, quite frankly, and have never bought his “Straight Talk” schtick. While I’ll admit that he’s reached across the aisle more than other legislators on the right, I don’t think he would make a good president and, more likely than not, would get us even further embroiled in wars and sticky situations that we have no business being in. I also think that either Obama or Clinton would make a better president.

I’ll be attending a few political events over the course of April, including one tomorrow night, and am looking forward to it. Actually, this month is getting so chock full of social events that I finally signed onto Google calendar, so that I wouldn’t double book myself. As it is, on the week of my birthday I’ve got something going on every night.

I think I’m starting to find my political groove again…

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