that time of year…

…has rolled around again. It’s time to donate to the Dewey Donation System. Dewey has chosen two very worthy organizations this year: Children’s Institute, located here in Los Angeles and benefiting children affected by violence and Rockhouse Foundation in Jamaica, which is “committed to improving the human condition of Jamaica’s children.” I’ve given a couple of books to the Children’s Institute, as my funds are low and I like to give back to the community in which I live. Which isn’t to say that I won’t give to the Rockhouse Foundation – I probably will after my next payday.

As if the betterment of children’s lives and the warm fuzzies that brings on aren’t enough (and why wouldn’t it be?), then donating before February 24th will put you in the running for a copy of Schuyler’s Monster by Rob Rummel-Hudson. I’ve not read it, but I have been reading Rob’s blog since before it was a blog, back in the days when it was one of them old-fashioned online journal thingies (we’re talking the ancient days of 1998). Fella writes well, is what I’m saying.

Too soon, huh? What’s that you say? That’s not enough? Well, fine, be greedy. John Scalzi will be putting up two copies of an as-yet-unwritten novella as drawing prizes for those who donate before March 21st. He’s even adding in more goodies.

A book. A novella. An anthology. More goodies down the road. Warm fuzzies. And, most important, helping out kids to whom life has dealt a bum deal and who could use a little help.

There ain’t more to ask. So get yourselves donating!

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