I’ve become a total WordPress convert.

When I switched from Blogger to, there were a few things that bugged me about WordPress. Mainly that they don’t allow Javascript. So many of my favorite online things happen to include Javascript that this development made me all pouty. And not the cute sexy girl pouty, either.

But now that I’ve got my own domain (again) and am not dependent on the kindness of, instead doing my own hosting and installing whatever the hell I want, well, my pout has turned into a rather pleased and self-satisfied smirk. Except on those days when my pout is the cute sexy girl pout – which, granted, hasn’t been around for a few days.

Know what makes me smile the most in this regard? The once-again-workingness of my Sitemeter reader. It’s the only site statistics plugin that I like, even after trying WordPress’s site stats and Google Analytics. Not to sound like a commerical here, but it’s the only site stat plugin that gives me exactly what I want, when I want it (and I want it often, baby). Unfortunately, it works best with Javascript.

Oh, yeah, give me that Javascript. You know how I like it.

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