think I woulda learned by now…

I haven’t done a lot of book reading as of late. Part of it is that my roommate has gotten a job in Pasadena, so he drops me off at work (or a convenient Pasadena bus stop if we’re running late, which is more often than either one of us would like) in the morning and generally picks me up from work at night. As a result, my bus riding time has declined significantly, which is when I do most of my reading.

But that’s not all of it, because this disinclination to read started a month or so before the carpooling started. Oh, I’ve read weekly newspapers and magazines and the like, but no books.

As a result, my inclination to actually sit and write has dropped off as well. You’d think that I’d have figured out the link by now, and thusly read more, but no, that is not the case my friends.

A recent phone call changed all that.

Before my reading ennui kicked in, I placed a book request with the Glendale Library. I’d been hearing and reading everywhere about The Long Embrace, a book about Raymond Chandler, his wife and his relationship with Los Angeles. And I was intrigued. Mind you, I’m not a Raymond Chandler fan per se, aside from appreciating how his work created an indelible impression of Los Angeles on the American psyche. Still, the reviews that I’d read and heard called to me, imploring me to read.

Unfortunately, the library didn’t have it on hand, so a request was placed. And, what with the onset of the holidays and “Life is kinda sucky right now” attitude (alluded to in previous entries), promptly forgotten.

Finally I received a phone call saying that my book had come in. I couldn’t get myself over to the library until last night, which was the day after the hold was released, but I managed to score it after all. On the bus ride home – a now rare occurrence – I cracked open the cover and soon found myself falling into Judith Freeman’s non-fiction prose. It was all I could do to remind myself to not miss my stop.

This morning my roommate and I were running late again, which meant that I was dropped off at a Pasadena bus stop, which meant that I had time to read again. Yea! I’m only about thirty pages into the book, but all of my suppressed need to write has popped up again. Which is a very good thing.

Gotta keep the book in my hand and my head in the game.

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