new website gig…

Thanks to MusicianMan, I got myself a new website gig: US Tour of Duty. I didn’t design it, but starting last week I migrated the hosting over to a new company, updated the information and bullshitted (bullshat?) my way through altering a couple of graphics. Not bad, considering I am in no way a graphic artist. And it looks like I’ll be the main maintenance person. Whee! Even better? I’m getting paid. Double whee! It’s not much – since it’s a grassroots operation, I don’t like to charge a lot, especially when I believe in the work. But it’s enough for a little extra money, which is always helpful, and definitely more than I’m getting paid for the other sites I maintain on a volunteer basis.

So that make three websites of which I am the maintenance person: SoCal Grassroots, LA4Edwards and US Tour of Duty. All very worthy organizations, if I do say so myself.

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