supporting the writers…

Writers in Hollywood are currently on the third day of striking. Here’s a primer as to why:

I’ve got Friday off and I’ll be near one of the studios to pick up insulin needles for Matisse, so I’m planning to stop by for a while and say hi to some folks I haven’t seen for a while, maybe even hang out on the line for a little bit. Pamie and stee have been striking at my old paging grounds (I was an audience page for sitcoms in a former life, primarily Roseanne, 3rd Rock from the Sun and That 70s Show, all at CBS Radford), so it’d be cool to go back to the old area for a bit.

Pamie’s and stee’s posts give all the pertinent info – check ’em out.

Go, writers, go!

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  1. Your jobs “in a former life” sound really interesting. I imagine you got to see things that most folks don’t. 🙂 I wish I lived in the L.A. area, I think I might like to walk along with them, if they take civilians. I appreciate the work they do so much. I wish them the best, and hope things are resolved in their favor soon.



  2. Carly, they do take civilians, if you find yourself heading south for whatever reason. I know they’d be happy to have you.

    If you’re curious as to what fans are doing for the writers, check out – it’s pretty interesting. I wish I could be at Universal today, but it’s not my regular Friday off. *pout*

    As for my former life, it was a lot of fun. I miss it sometimes. And working on 3rd Rock from the Sun and the first few seasons of That 70s Show was a great time!


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