flexing the muscle…

…the writing muscle, that is. Or at least I’m trying to.

Eons (i.e. nine months) ago, John Scalzi announced the creation of a new writing website of which he was a part. This new website – called Ficlets, is all about being a collaborative short fiction site for writers. I never really checked it out until recently, mainly because I am a stupid, stupid person. It’s fun and challenges writers to be very succinct, as the maximum number of characters (including spaces) is 1,024. Wanna know how short that is? This short.

Yeah, I know.

Today I decided to sign up and post my first ficlets. Long time readers of mine will think that those ficlets are a bit familiar. They’d be right. on parade… is this story almost word for word and Dark, Dank is this story, significantly reworked to fit the character limit and to allow other writers to play with it as they see fit.

Yeah, I’m cheating right now, but my goal is to write a little bit o’ fiction each week. Besides, that whole reworking? Was damned hard. I had to cut the damned thing in half and then some!

If you like to write little bits of fiction here and there, check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

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