the rumor is…

…that I’m still alive. Just going through one of my “not feeling like writing” moods, is all.

You might be asking, “Carol, what ever happened with that breast cancer walk thing? Wasn’t that supposed to happen last month?”

Why, yes. Yes, it was. Unfortunately I went and got myself asthma a month or so before and was diagnosed the week of the walk. Because I suddenly realized that gasping for breath when I’m sitting down and not doing a damned bit of exertion wasn’t natural.

First injuring my ankles before the half-marathon benefiting AIDS back in 2005. Now asthma before a 39 mile walk benefiting breast cancer research. I’m pretty much 0 for 2 here.

Can’t say that I’m surprised. Weak lungs run in the family. At least half of my many nieces and nephews have or have had childhood asthma and my mother and two of my siblings got it in their 30s. The fact that my lungs waited until I was 41 means I’m ahead of the curve. Of course, living in the San Fernando Valley and working on the edge of the San Gabriel Valley – two rather smoggy areas here in L.A. – probably contributed to it, as did waiting for buses twice a day for damned near every day over the last three years Nothing quite so good for weak lungs as inhaling car, bus and truck exhaust. Plus over the last year I’ve been regularly exposed to an air purifier that, while not an ozone generator per se, still puts out small amounts of ozone, which is bad for sensitive folks. Like me. I honestly don’t think that was the main cause, because everything that I’ve been able to find points to the purifier being within the medically accepted limits, but I do think it might have been the trigger for already damaged lungs.

Woo fucking hoo.

Aside from the admittedly mild case of asthma (it was caught pretty early), I’m honestly not doing all that bad. Just a tired day, is all.

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  1. I was born in the LA area. My mother tells me I had lung problems as a baby – up until we moved away. Other than occasional bouts of bronchitis in the winter, the trouble is all gone. Any chance of considering moving?


  2. No, at least not in the foreseeable future. I’ve got too many things holding me here that I’m not willing to give up.

    But if I do leave L.A., I’ll be headed for the Bay area. I love San Francisco and the surrounding areas.


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