grrrr. arrrgh.

I’m really into clothes and fashion. Not so much that I can name designers, mind you, but I tend to know what’s in, what’s out and what’ll look good on someone. There are numerous times I see people walking down the street and I really want to take them by the hands and show them how to shop for clothes that are current and suitable for their coloring and build. You know, like they do in the opening credits for What Not To Wear. At the very least, I think, “Did you dress in the dark this morning?” Because sometimes I see some truly heinous outfits.

Well, this morning, I not only must have dressed in the dark, but I may have even had my eyes closed. It’s the only reason I can think of for what I ended up wearing to work today.

See, it all started with these pants:

Yes, they’re verging on golf pants, but they’re still subtle enough so that they’re not very loud. And I like the pinkish and reddish stripes that run throughout the fabric. So much so that I thought I’d pair it with a shirt of this color:

Thing, I almost always wear that top with this top over it:

The colors are close enough that it usually looks good.

Except today, when I realized, after I was well on my way to work, that this is the predominant clothing combo that people would see:

That? Is just hideous. Too much pattern and too many colors. And to top (or bottom) it all off, I went with these shoes:

Which are very nice shoes, but so don’t work with the entire ensemble.

Good thing I’m not a celebrity. The ladies from Go Fug Yourself would be on me faster than Lindsay Lohan on would be on the Really Bad Idea Express.

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