i’m afraid of the internet…

…because I know Harry Potter spoilers abound.

I’ve just reread Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince in anticipation of the Order of the Phoenix movie (which I saw last weekend – warning: do NOT reread the book right before seeing the movie – no matter how good the movie might be, it’ll only pale in comparison) and Deathly Hallows (there may or may not be spoilers on this Barnes and Noble link – I don’t know and I don’t want to know – click at your own risk). Unfortunately, I can’t afford the latest book for a couple of weeks, thanks to various unexpected expenses, which means that every time I bring up Firefox, I risk stumbling across spoilers. Especially since pretty much everyone who’s a Potter fan pre-ordered the book, received it on Saturday at 12:01am and had it read by 5am, even though the book is eleventy thousand pages and weighs thirty pounds, because Potter books are notoriously fast reads.

As early as Thursday some dickweed posted spoilers on my beloved LOLTheorists without marking it as spoilers at the top of the entry or hiding it behind the jump. As soon as I saw two words that were Potter-related, I whisked myself away tout suite, but it was a close thing and, soon enough, someone took down the offending entry.

But now… Now that the entire universe – aside from me – has read the last Harry Potter book, my fear of the internet has reared its ugly head.

Someone hold me…

(PS – Please don’t do this to me. I WILL beat you down.)


  1. I’m afraid, too. I’m reading it now, and spending a lot of time with my fingers in my ears going “lalalalalalala!” whenever I’m in public. I’m hoping not to be institutionalized prior to reaching the end.


  2. If you are institutionalized (and I hope, for your sake, it’s after you reach the end), I suspect you’re going to be in good company. Damn that Potter for having such an effect over us Muggles!


  3. I finished it last night, with no white coat attachments. Good read – let me know when you’re done, so we can chat without any spoilage.


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