busyness ensues…

So, yeah, there’s this thing going on, ya know? About folks wanting to be President of the United States and spending lots of money to let you know how they’d be a way better President of the United States than any of the other folks wanting to be President of the United States, not to say astronomically better than the current resident of the White House and his henchmen.

(Then again, any of my cats could be better at that job than Bush. I mean, whichever one got the job could just clean himself or throw up a hairball on national television and his approval rating would go through the roof. Then again, my cats do clean themselves and hork up hairballs in a very dignified manner. It’s a thrill to behold, really.)

I’ve already said who I’m supporting, but now I’m putting my volunteer hours where my mouth is: I’m helping out on the website for Los Angeles for Edwards. The design and initial build is being done by another fellow, but I’ll be helping with the expanded build and the maintenance. It’s what I do best. And I’ll be helping out at a 4th of July Picnic that Los Angeles for Edwards is co-sponsoring. Come on by if you’re in the area, and look for the person in the first half of the event that has “Global Warming” on her back. I’ll be happy to tell you all about John Edwards stands and plans re: Global Warming. And other stuff as they come up.

Of course, this is in addition to my continuing political work as a Tech Chair and Communications Vice-Chair/Secretary and Endorsements Secretary and…

Yeah, the craziness has come back. Yeesh.


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