That’s when I want it.

I’ve been waiting for it forever, or so it seems. It would have been mine two weeks ago, were it not for accidental holds on bank accounts and PayPal moving slower than slow. Not in time for the California Democratic Convention the last weekend of April, when it would have proven incredibly useful. Not in time for the Communications Committee meeting this past Saturday, where I’m still serving as Secretary because no one else will, even though I’m vice-chair now, in addition to being Tech Committee Chair and Endorsements Committee Secretary, because I seem to be more than a little bit masochistic. Communications between the main parties have been ongoing, making sure that progress is being made, but still.

I want it NOW.

Tuesday, tomorrow, it should be mine. Possibly Wednesday, depending on how slow UPS decides to be. Maybe I should have had it sent to my work address, but these things are tricky, receiving packages at a high-security workplace. I should know better than to work on government property.

Still, I’ve waited this long. Surely another couple of days won’t kill me.

Will they?

Before the weekend. I will have it before the weekend. In time for Saturday’s Coordinating Committee meeting.

I will, won’t I?

Soon I will have my lovely new (to me) 12.1 inch G4 iBook, with 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 30 GB drive, Airport Extreme and AppleCare.

Then, all will be right with the world.

Well, all except for wars and hunger and poverty and cruelty and…

Surely my iBook can solve those ills.

Only time will tell.

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