you’re nobody ’til somebody quizzes you…

Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’m actually working on a few changes for the blog and these days my computer time is limited to work hours and weekend time at HSTeacher’s place. I hope to have the new version of the blog unveiled soon.

Until then, some quizzes for your enjoyment:

How smart are you?

You scored as Spiritual Atheist. Ah! Some of the coolest people in the world are Spiritual Atheists. Most of them weren’t brought up in an organized religion and have very little baggage. They concentrate on making the world a better place and know that death is just another part of life. What comes after, comes after.



Spiritual Atheist


Scientific Atheist


Apathetic Atheist


Militant Atheist


Angry Atheist




What kind of atheist are you?
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