it’s about damn time…

Experts Issue New Heart Disease Guidelines for Women
American Heart Association recommendations now focus on a woman’s lifetime risk

The American Heart Association has updated and sharpened its guidelines for preventing heart disease in women.

The focus now is on a woman’s lifetime risk for heart disease, not just her short-term risk, as was the case in the 2004 guidelines.

The 2007 Guidelines for Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in Women are published this week in a special issue of the journal Circulation devoted to women’s health, and were outlined at an AHA press conference Tuesday.

It’s as if the medical community is realizing that women with health issues aren’t just being hysterical, or that female physiology is different enough from men that maybe diagnosing and treating heart disease needs to be approached from another angle. What a concept.

I admit, it has been my recent health scare that opened my eyes to the disparity in treating women for heart disease – thankfully, in my case, all tests for my heart have come out negative – ie, heart strong and good – including the echocardiogram and stress test. But not all women have been as fortunate. Hopefully doctors will take these new guidelines and run with them.

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