i’ve gone and done it again…

…I’ve lost my ever-lovin’ mind.

I know that comes as no surprise to anyone – except the surprise that my mind ever came back for me to lose it again – but, well, I’m throwing myself in over my head again.

“And what is it this time, Carol?” you may ask, slowly backing away with furrowed brow.

I’ve signed up for the the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Oh, stop with the eye-rolling.

It’s not until September, so I have eight months to train and raise money. And, unlike my try at the APLA Half-Marathon, I have a larger circle of people from whom to beg money, plus I am making sure I have the right shoes. I certainly learned my lesson, after injuring both ankles during my half-marathon training. In addition, this will be walking, not running or jogging, which will be much better for my poor, beleagured joints.

Organized training will start in February, but I think it’s time to start my own training. Because while I love to walk, 39+ miles over the course of two days are still a lot.

If y’all are moved to contribute RIGHT NOW, then I can accomodate you: go to my fundraising page and click on the “Click here to support me” button. Also, a button will reside at the top of my link column on the right until the donation deadline (which I don’t know what it is yet). And if you like to see your name scrolling on a webpage, my fundraising page will feature the names of those who contribute.

Now what have I got myself into?

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