Sorry I’ve been gone two weeks. I’ve been in a whirl of busy!

Re: the delegate elections – no one on my slate was elected. We would have been were it not for our new assemblyman bascially backing the other slate and using his connections to get out voters who are part of a very cohesive ethnic community in my neck of the woods. I don’t fault anyone for that – such are the ways of politics. And as the head of our slate said, this assemblyman has been working for over a decade to enable his community to have a voice that they didn’t have in the past, so I can’t be upset about that.

There were, unfortunately, other forces at work that were a bit more unsavory. Forces that tried to stay hidden, forces that broke with the bylaws of the very groups they purported to represent. Alas, those too are the ways of politics.

Luckily, though the have-to-remain-unnamed forces won in my district (thanks to the assemblyman’s help), in other districts they were handily defeated, including the district where I used to live and where many of my political friends still reside and were elected. Even sweeter, two of the prime movers of those forces were roundly squashed in their own bids for delegate status. The bitter may be bitter, but oh, how the sweet does wonderfully make up for it.

Actually, I’m not too bitter about the results of my district. It happened. And now it’s time to move on. Move on I shall. Because there are other ways of influencing and revitalizing the Democratic Party.

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