my ipod is psychic…

Every morning I wake up with a song running through my head. While sometimes the genesis of the song is a puzzle (Afternoon Delight? WTF?), usually I know why a certain song has turned into earworm, including this morning’s song, which I’m positive came about due to all of the news about the Iraq Study Group over the last two days.

A few minutes ago I plugged my iPod into my computer and set it to shuffle, which is my default play mode. The first song that was played? The same one I woke up humming this morning: Dear Mr. Bush by Wil b and The Political Power of Hiphop.

Uh oh, my Nano is reading my mind. Spooky…

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  1. Hmm… that’s odd. I never set my mp3 player to shuffle, as I usually know specifically what I want to listen to before I listen to it.

    My guess is that your iPod is posessed by a malevolent poltergeist. I suggest an iPod iExorcism, which can only be performed by a shamanic priest working at the Genius Bar.

    RE: songs stuck in your head: The song I wake up with stuck in my head is ALWAYS something I was listening to two or three days ago, never something I was listening to last night. Weird, right?


  2. Actually, D. Peace, I think my iPod is just psychic. If it suddenly started playing John Ashcroft singing Let the Eagle Soar or whatever it was called, then I’d consult the local Genius Shaman Priest. ‘Cause that’s some scary shit there. In so many ways…


  3. The absolute LAST thing I ever want my electronic appliances to become posessed by is the wandering spirit of John Ashcroft.

    Ew, that’s creepy. That honestly just send chills up my spine.


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