vitamins: they keep a body upright…

I’m sure the only reason I haven’t slid under my desk today – after staying up until 2am to do friggin’ laundry (one washer + one dryer x four loads + evening hours = heartache) – is due to all of these most excellent vitamins I’ve been taking.

Miraculously enough, not only did I do four loads of laundry last night, but I also put all the clothes away. And managed to hang up the shirts fresh out of the dryer to minimize wrinkles. These are things I usually forget to do. However, because I couldn’t get to the fourth dryer load on time, I also ironed three and half shirts while waiting for the last load to dry (I gave up on the last shirt because it was too wrinkled for my perfectionist Virgo rising to be able to iron properly).

I go sleepy-bye now…

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