who’da thunk?

For many, many decades, rumors have been whispered that eating relatively healthy meals and taking vitamins and minerals – as well as cutting back on the caffeine – is very effective in making humans more energetic. I have long ignored these oft-whispered rumors. After all, I had no idea where these rumors had originated. How could I trust their veracity, as the rumors seemed to flourish in the dark recesses of conspiracy theorist caves, spoken in the same tones as tales about alien pihrana men flying a hang-glider into the Pentagon on 9/11/01, or the grassy knoll in Dallas housing Kennedy clones.

Over the last few months, however, I thought it best to put those rumors to the test. Perhaps it was because my body had been playing all sorts of tricks on me.

(FYI, I went to the doctor last week – all of my levels are perfect: glucose, hemoglobin, etc. My EKG is beautiful [my heart rate is slightly elevated, but nothing to be concerned about] and there is no evidence of diabetes or anemia. My blood has been sent out to be tested for thyroid problems and I’ll find out the results of that in a week or so.)

So I’ve been eating fairly well since October. Not perfect, but I have three small meals a day, with lots of fiber and veggies, trying to incorporate more protein via peanut butter and tofu and the like. And last week I started taking vitamins every day. And not just in the morning. I take half the dose in the morning, after my breakfast of steel-cut oatmeal with peanut butter, raisins, cinnamon and brown sugar, accompanied by orange juice and water. In the morning I usually have one cup of decaf coffee, to satisfy my coffee-taste jones. For lunch I tend to have soup or salad, with a roll of some sort on the side, and more water, with maybe a small sweet, such as a little bit of chocolate or a cookie (I don’t feel deprived when I have a small sweet). Then the rest of my vitamins. And for dinner? It varies. That’s where I tend to be a little bad, but even then I usually have half of what I’ve eaten in the past, because I’m happy to eat just enough to satisfy me, without going overboard.

You know what? Since I started taking my vitamins and spirulina and glucosamine and calcium and flax oil? My energy has easily doubled. I nearly talked off poor HSTeacher’s ears over the weekend and ended up cleaning his kitchen yesterday because I had way too much energy and I had to expend it, since he had to concentrate on putting together grades for his classes.

Yesterday I wasn’t as good a girl with the food (only two meals, with one meal from Burger King at 10pm) or the vitamins. And I went to bed around 1am. I am very much feeling the badness today. I am one tired girl.

So back on the wagon I go, because all that energy felt really good and I’d like to get it back. Since I’ve also been pretty good over the last two months with getting enough sleep, it won’t be hard to get back to where I was over the weekend.

And, after gaining ten pounds over August and September (the result of earning an income again and eating everything bad that I’d been denied the previous three months), I’ve lost five of those pounds. Cool.

Hmmmm, I wonder… If rumors about eating well, getting enough sleep and taking vitamins are true, perhaps those even more dubious rumors about stepping up my exercise will be equally true. Maybe I should do a little research…

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