Too much swirling around in my brain right now. Can’t settle down long enough to turn in any coherent thoughts. Just…whoa.

So much happiness filling my heart right now that I’m afraid it’s going to burst. Dems in charge of the House. Senate in a tight toss-up that might go The Way of Blue. Debra Bowen pretty much assured a victory as California Secretary of State. Pombo – a man who never met an environment he didn’t want to destroy – being tossed out and an expert in wind power placed in the seat in his stead. Rumsfield stepping down. Much of the California State positions going to Dems.

All is not perfect – Schwarzenegger trounced Angelides and the CA Insurance Commissioner is turning Red. A number of the propositions I supported have been slapped down and one that troubled me, despite its noble intentions – Prop 83 – won (so many things wrong with the details of that proposition and I’m sure its going to prove to be all but unenforceable).

But still, for the most part, my heart and soul is overflowing with happiness.

However, now the hard work comes for all those newly elected Dems. As hard as I’ve been working for this, I realize that it wasn’t so much that the Democrats won. It was that the Republicans lost and Democrats (and the country) reaped the benefits. Now the Blue Wave has got to get some solid planning and show a least some results, otherwise we’re going to lose our majority again.

Don’t disappoint us, mmm’k?

G-d, I’m so happy I could plotz…

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