i’ll avenge you, my fallen planet…

Yesterday I was walking about the lab, as I am wont to do during lunch, and I spied a board announcing an upcoming talk. Imagine my interest when I read the title:

The copy reads:

The IAU and the Pluto Affair

Join Lars Lindberg Christensen for a glimpse into last summer’s biggest astronomy story, Pluto’s fall from planetary status.

Lars Lindberg Christensen is a press officer for the International Astronomical Union. He tells a tale of intended and unintended out comes – of what was expected to be a simple judgment by an august scientific body, that turned into a major global story generating huge headlines for day.

It’s funny. It’s sad. It’s definitely chaotic. It’s the process of scientific review and arbitration and public communications, all colliding on a worldwide stage. The result: Maybe the most public conversation about space science in decades.

You bet your bippy I’m going to be there…

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