uh oh…

Another terrific weekend spent with HSTeacher. More talking, more bonding, more intimacy, more hot monkey sex.

(I’ve had some terrific lovers in my day, but HSTeacher is blowing them out of the water. So to speak…)

Hell, while I still didn’t sleep all that well, as I have trouble sleeping on waterbeds, I still slept better in his arms than I have with most of the other men I’ve been with, including The Ex. And since I can rarely sleep while being cuddled, that’s saying something.

When I’m with him, I don’t want to stop touching him, even if it’s just playing with his hair. I may be trying to convince myself, “Yes, he’s really here. And he’s here with me.” Whenever I’m not with him and I think of him, I get the warm and fuzzies. If I’m not careful, something serious just might develop here.

Ya know, I think I’m tired of being careful…

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