nerds rule…

I’ve got two bosses here at the wonderous JPL (cue angels singing): BigBoss and Slightly-Not-So-Big-Boss (SNSBBoss). I’ve been helping SNSBBoss with compiling PowerPoint presentations from others for reviews this week. I noticed one of the presentations had a graphic on a corner of each of the pages – a graphic of a secondary, yet very important, character from a huge film franchise from the last five years.

(I can’t go into further detail ’cause stuff is confidential ’round these parts.)

My brows furrowed, wondering why such an image would appear on a presentation. Then I noticed the acronym being used for the project – the same as the character’s name. I broke out in an amused grin just as SNSBBoss walked into the reception area.

“Read something amusing?” he asked. I crooked my finger to bade him look at my monitor screen, then pointed out the image and acronym. He smiled slightly, as is his way, and responded, “Well, they say half the reason for a successful mission is a clever acronym. I don’t know if this qualifes…”

I shook my head and smiled. “G-d, I love nerds.”

“Well, you came to the right place for it.” And into his office he strode.

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