A big congrats to my inadvertent blog daddy, John Scalzi, for winning the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer at LAConIV. An award well-deserved, I might add. If you like SF – especially Heinlein-influenced SF – check out Old Man’s War . It’s pretty damned good.

Upon reading my Pluto entries, CuteNerdBoy sent me the following email:

Subject: the Pluto-spawned protest you’ve been looking for

Metroblogging Los Angeles – Pasadena Pluto Protest.

It’s no rioting or looting in streets (where are my overturned golfcarts and flaming trash cans?), but it’s a start.

More protests against Pluto’s demotion can be found at:
Worth 1000: Save Pluto
Make Very Excellent Mnemonics: Just Start Using Noggin!
A Glimmer of Hope for Pluto?
Reinstate Pluto as a Planet
Little Pluto

See what happens when ya start messin’ with Pluto, IAU? I’d be carefully reconsidering that vote, if I were you…

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