for freak’s sake…

Ya know, I haven’t written anything about the whole “breaking developments” on the JonBenet Ramsey thing. Why? Because it’s bullshit.

The death of the little girl was tragic, to be sure, but it’s ridiculous that it’s gotten as much press as it has. Not to trot out the old chestnut, but how about the many tragic, unsolved murders of non-wealthy, non-white children throughout the country, if not the world? Not “news-worthy” enough?

Besides, it’s been ten years, people – if anything qualifies as old news, this does.

Which is why I signed this petition to try to get the news industry to cover real news again. Maybe it’ll work. It probably won’t. But at least I’ll have felt I’ve done a little something.

BTW, Keith Olbermann had a brilliant rundown of the coverage of this crap last night. Check it out. (Unfortunately you’ll need IE to view it – damned MSNBC…)

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