requiem in pace

Yesterday morning my beloved cat Noel died of unknown causes. He was nearly thirteen years old.

He was a Christmas present in 1993 from the Ex – a 10 week old ball of fluff, all ears and attitude:

Christmas Eve 1993 - Kitten Noel

He was a curious fellow, always getting into things:

What's in this basket?

But he also just loved hanging around:

Feeling Groovy

Noel saw me through a lot of unheavals over the last thirteen years. Though I love the other cats, he was my special “Mama’s Boy”.

There won’t be a morning that I wake up where I won’t miss his big body curled up against my tummy. There won’t be a day where I won’t miss our little nose kisses.

I love you, Noel sweetie. I’ll always miss you.

Noel - January 2006
Noel Stanley Bobtail
October 1993 – August 2006

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